BIG TECH apocalypse of 2020

An opinion piece based on the current trends in social and mainstream media.

BIG TECH apocalypse of 2020

The year is 2020, BIG TECH is against the ropes and the information war is in full swing. More and more 'whistle blowers' are warning of political and religious bias within the common platform corporates. The LEFT is eating it's own with a never ending cycle of virtue signalling causing chaso in traditional attitudes.

Feminism is DEAD, replaced with an undefined Multiism to encompass all perceived minorities across the world. Christianity is facing a digital annilation and biology is now a science only practiced in back room research institutes. Sports are now dominated by one gender after the collapse of womens athletics due to transgender dilution.

News sources number in the millions with personal narratives being spread by false gods with followers physically attacking opposing view points and sources. Society is broken and the education system has become a left privilege group.

Worried yet?

You should be, this is so close to reality is scarey. Whether Orwell and his 1984 'book'. Or event the early Apple advert (1984) showing an audience of grey zombie type people following a video on a large screen.

Society isn't divided into racial or gender identities anymore, it much simpler than that. The divide is thinkers and non thinkers. Seems like a simplification but is it really. How many sources of one story do you check before you accept the narrative or message??

Ask yourself, are you a zombie??