Ocasio Cortez Chief Of Staff Faces Federal Investigation Over Potential Campaign Finance Violations

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Ocasio Cortez Ex-Chief Of Staff Faces Federal Investigation After Abrupt Resignation. Saikat Chakrabarti is reportedly facing a federal probe having to do with the unorthodox way he conducted his campaigning businesses. Complaints had been filed over the way his private entities were handling cash, operating as LLC's instead of PAC's.

Some worry that this method was used to conceal campaign contributions that exceeded the federal maximum allowed and served to obfuscate what otherwise should be publicly available campaign information. Though proponents of AOC and her staff feel it was just a way to campaign on behalf of many new progressive candidates at once. Saikat, Ocasio Cortez, and others were part of Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress.

Organizations designed to elect new progressive and far left Democrats as a direct challenge to establishment Democrats. Recently Saikat Chakrabarti resigned amid controversy over his tweets and infighting between AOC, her staff, and House Democrats. The Democratic Party has tried to reel in the far left congresswomen while Trump are exploited the tensions for political gain.