The Truth About GUN VIOLENCE by the Numbers

For years we have heard that 30-40K people die each year due to gun-related violence. This stat has become the Scarlett letter of the U.S., and for years, we all just accepted this data point as the gospel to the story of Americas "Gun Problem."

Gun Violence By The Numbers

Opportunistic anti-gun politicians, organizations, and even our legacy media have used this data point to present an image that if you come to America, 'it's only a matter of time before you're shot and killed by a crazed gun-toting lunatic and as a result this is why we need more, "Common Sense gun laws ( i.e. gun control).

But we have over 20k gun control laws in this country on the State and Federal Level, I think we are passed Common Sense at this point and are well into infringement.

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